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I love!! I have been using this site and working with Maria Palozola for about a year. The instruction and feedback have helped tremendously. My handicap index has gone from 18.4 to a 14.9. I could not be happier.... The monthly membership fee is the best money I've ever spent on golf! I highly recommend this site to anyone looking for great, affordable, personalized instruction. I feel if you want to improve your game and you're serious about it, join, you won't regret it.

Kevin Gonyo

Erie, CO

I remember so well when I first started on the Pro Plan how detailed yet simple your video analysis of my swing was. I think this one of the most important benefit of the Pro Plan. I will use it more often this year. The Game Tracker comes a close second! It is a comprehensive view of my game and what to work on next! I'm so's simple and it works! Still a lot of work to, but so happy with your coaching and results so far!

JP Du Plessis

Mandeville, LA

You restored my passion for golf! After incorporating a few, but critical, changes into my full swing I was hitting at least 2 clubs farther and straighter. I especially loved the visual feedback and analysis that you provided with video. There is no question that I would have given up on this game had it not been for your instruction. I now understand what "professional" golf instruction can do for your game.

Dr. Paul Schmitz

St. Louis, MO

9 Ways to Score like the Tour From 100 Yards & In! Maria and Jay walk you through some of the most common short game shots to help you save strokes on shots within 100 yards of the hole. You get 9 videos, one per day, emailed to you with specific tips and drills to strengthen your short game.

Maria Palozola

Top 50 Golf Instructor

Jay Delsing

500+ PGA Tour Starts

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