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Wesley Chapel, FL Golf Courses

Below is a list of driving ranges and golf courses near Wesley Chapel, Florida (within 13 miles) including the nearby cities of San Antonio, FL; Zephyrhills, FL; Tampa, FL; Land O Lakes, FL; Saint Leo, FL; St Leo, FL; Lutz, FL; and Dade City, FL. If you are looking for golf instruction in Wesley Chapel, FL or golf lessons from a golf coach in Wesley Chapel, join for your own personal instructor that you can ask questions.

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More Info
Golf CourseTypeGuest PolicyAddressPhone
Saddlebrook Resort - SaddlebrookResortOpen5700 Saddlebrook Way
Wesley Chapel, FL
(813) 973-1111
Saddlebrook Resort - PalmerResortOpen5700 Saddlebrook Way
Wesley Chapel, FL
(813) 973-1111
Quail Hollow Golf & Country ClubSemi-PrivateOpen6225 Old Pasco Rd
Wesley Chapel, FL
(813) 973-0097
Lexington Oaks Golf CourseSemi-Private26133 Lexington Oaks Blvd
Wesley Chapel, FL
(813) 907-7270
Tampa Bay Golf & Country ClubPublicOpen10641 Old Tampa Bay Dr
San Antonio, FL
(352) 588-0059
The Links of Lake BernadetteSemi-PrivateOpen5430 Links Lane
Zephyrhills, FL
(813) 788-7888
Pebble Creek Golf ClubSemi-PrivateOpen10550 Regents Park Dr
Tampa, FL
(813) 973-3870
Southport Springs Golf ClubPublicOpen3509 Zephyr Springs Pkwy
Zephyrhills, FL
(813) 780-7637
Plantation Palms Golf CourseSemi-PrivateOpen23253 Plantation Palms
Land O Lakes, FL
(813) 996-7122
Heritage Isles Golf & Country ClubPublic10630 Plantation Bay Dr
Tampa, FL
(813) 907-7447
Hunters Green Country ClubPrivateWith a Member18101 Longwater Run Dr
Tampa, FL
(813) 973-1700
Silver Oaks Golf & Country Club - Dream NineSemi-PrivateOpen36841 Clubhouse Dr
Zephyrhills, FL
(813) 788-1225
Silverado Golf & Country ClubSemi-PrivateOpen36841 Clubhouse Dr
Zephyrhills, FL
(813) 788-1225
The Abbey Course at St Leo UniverstiyPublicOpen33640 State Road 52 W
Saint Leo, FL
(352) 588-2016
Lutz Executive Golf CoursePublicOpen2220 Newberger Rd
Lutz, FL
(813) 949-6687
Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club - NorthPublicOpen12900 Lake Jovita Bld
Dade City, FL
(352) 588-2233
Lake Jovita Golf & Country Club - SouthPublicOpen12900 Lake Jovita Bld
Dade City, FL
(352) 588-2233
The Groves Golf & Country ClubPrivateWith a Member7924 Melogold Circle
Land O Lakes, FL
(813) 996-0161
Scotland Yards Golf ClubPublicOpen9424 US Hwy 301 S
Dade City, FL
(352) 567-7600
Valley Oaks Golf CoursePublicOpen8850 Wire Rd
Zephyrhills, FL
(813) 788-4112
Zephyrhills Municipal Golf CourseMunicipalOpen39248 B Ave
Zephyrhills, FL
(813) 782-0714
Tampa Palms Golf & Country ClubPrivateReciprocal5811 Tampa Palms Blvd
Tampa, FL
(813) 972-1991
Heritage Harbor Golf & Country ClubPublicOpen19502 Heritage Harbor Pkwy
Lutz, FL
(813) 949-4886
Cheval Golf & Country ClubPrivateReciprocal4312 Cheval Blvd
Lutz, FL
(813) 949-4231
The Claw at University of South FloridaPublicOpen13801 North 46th St
Tampa, FL
(813) 632-6893
Avila Golf & Country ClubPrivateWith a Member943 Guisando de Avila
Tampa, FL
(813) 961-1754

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