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New Castle, PA Golf Courses

Below is a list of driving ranges and golf courses near New Castle, Pennsylvania (within 17 miles) including the nearby cities of Edinburg, PA; Wampum, PA; New Wilmington, PA; Pulaski, PA; Coitsville, OH; Volant, PA; West Middlesex, PA; Lowellville, OH; Ellwood City, PA; Elwood City, PA; Darlington, PA; Poland, OH; Beaver Falls, PA; Hermitage, PA; Hubbard, OH; Harmony, PA; and Mercer, PA. If you are looking for golf instruction in New Castle, PA or golf lessons from a golf coach in New Castle, join for your own personal instructor that you can ask questions.

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More Info
Golf CourseTypeGuest PolicyAddressPhone
Castle Hills Golf CoursePublicOpen110 W Oakwood Way
New Castle, PA
(724) 652-8122
Sylvan Heights Golf CourseMunicipalOpen2711 Elwood Rd
New Castle, PA
(724) 658-8021
New Castle Country ClubPrivateReciprocal3245 Wilmington Rd
New Castle, PA
(724) 654-1341
Mohawk Trails Golf ClubPublicOpen5117 Erie St
Edinburg, PA
(724) 667-8570
Del Mar Golf CourseSemi-PrivateOpen1079 Smiley Stop Rd
Wampum, PA
(724) 758-9499
Borland Golf Center - Par 3PublicOpen172 Borowicz Rd
New Wilmington, PA
(724) 946-2371
Borland Golf Course - RegulationPublicOpen172 Borowicz Rd
New Wilmington, PA
(724) 946-2371
Stonecrest Golf CoursePublicOpen2298 State Route 18 N
Wampum, PA
(724) 535-8971
Rolling Hills Golf CoursePublicOpen1092 Route 208
Pulaski, PA
(724) 964-8201
Rolling Hills Golf Course - Par 3PublicOpen1092 Route 208
Pulaski, PA
(724) 964-8201
Clingans Tanglewood Golf CoursePublicOpen1 Tanglewood Rd
Pulaski, PA
(724) 964-8702
Bedford Trails Golf CoursePublicOpen713 Bedford Rd
Coitsville, OH
(330) 536-2234
Green Meadows Golf CoursePublicOpenRural Route 2
Volant, PA
(724) 530-7330
Oak Tree Country ClubSemi-PrivateOpen48 Stateline Rd
West Middlesex, PA
(724) 528-9984
Countryside Golf CoursePublicOpen1421 Struthers Coitsville Rd
Lowellville, OH
(330) 755-0016
Connoquenessing Country ClubPrivateWith a Member1512 Mercer Rd
Ellwood City, PA
(724) 758-4233
Olde Stonewall Golf CoursePublicOpen1495 Mercer Rd
Elwood City, PA
(724) 752-4653
Grassy Lane Golf ClubPublicOpen470 McCaughtry Run Rd
Darlington, PA
(724) 336-5006
Fonderlac Country ClubPrivateReciprocal1140 Pauline Rd
Poland, OH
(330) 549-2629
Fox Run Golf CourseSemi-PrivateOpen4240 River Rd
Beaver Falls, PA
(724) 847-3568
Tam O Shanter Golf CoursePublicOpen2692 S Hermitage Rd
Hermitage, PA
(724) 981-3552
Deer Creek Golf CoursePublicOpen7691 E Liberty St
Hubbard, OH
(330) 534-1395
Strawberry Ridge Golf CoursePublicOpen135 McNulty Lane
Harmony, PA
(724) 452-4022
Spring Valley Golf ClubPublicOpen496 Bestwick Rd
Mercer, PA
(724) 662-1999
Pine Lakes Golf ClubPublicOpen6233 W Liberty St
Hubbard, OH
(330) 534-9026
Hickory VFW Golf CoursePublicOpen4586 E State St
Hermitage, PA
(724) 346-6903

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