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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

I feel as though I over-cock my wrists on my back-swing. What are some things I can try to do to prevent this from happening?

It is actually pretty rare to find a golfer that can over-cock their wrists. There are tons of golfers that don't have enough flexibility in their wrists, let along too much! I would check two things first. 1) Make sure that your grips aren't too small. If they are, it could make you handsy and too flexible. 2) Make sure that you are not letting go of the club on at the top. A lot of players think they are over-cocking, but are actually letting go. You can check this by putting a tee between the heel of your top hand and the club and another on top of the thumb on your top hand (in between that thumb and the palm of your bottom hand). Neither tee should fall out during the swing. If you aren't letting go and your grips are sized correctly, here are some things you can try. 1) Focus on a flat left wrist at the top of your swing. This will limit over-cocking. If your wrist is cupped at the top, it is much easier to over hinge. 2) Make sure that you are cocking your wrists fully by waist high. A common cause of over-cocking is when a player hinges them too late, resulting in lack of control at the top of the swing. An earlier wrist set actually gives you more control. 3) Make sure it isn't your arms that are actually doing the over-cocking. Try swinging back keeping both arms fully extended an see how much you can hinge your wrists. It will be limited. Without hinging your back arm, it's hard to over do it with your wrists.


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