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Fitness refers to the state of being strong, healthy, in good shape and physically fit. For the purpose of this site fitness refers to Golf Fitness or being fit for the game of golf.

Fitness Drills

  • Wall Angels
    A Wall Angel is an exercise that targets the shoulder and upper…
  • Supermans
    Supermans are a great exercise for targeting your lower back, abs and…
  • Stork Turns
    Stork Turns are primarily a stability and mobility exercise that targets the…
  • Standing Cable Rotations
    Standing Cable Rotations are an abdominal exercise that strengthens the obliques and…
  • Squats
    Many skilled fitness trainers will tell you that if you can only…
  • Split Squats
    Split Squats are a wonderful exercise for building up your legs and…
  • Single Leg Deadlift
    Single Leg Deadlifts strengthen your lower back muscles, your glutes and your…
  • Single Leg Bridge
    The Single Leg Bridge is a very common and necessary golf strengthening…
  • Side Step Up
    Much like the front step up this exercise is used for lower…
  • Shoulder Rotations
    External Shoulder Rotations are a great exercise to target the rotator-cuff muscles…
  • Seated Wall Postures
    Seated wall postures are a great postural exercise. They work mainly the…
  • Seated Rows
    Seated Rows work your arms (biceps) and almost all the muscles of…
  • Rolling
    Rolling is a rather unique exercise based on the principles of primitive…
  • Reverse Toe Touch Progression
    The Toe Touch Progression is a great exercise for building balance, proprioception…
  • Reach Backs
    Reach Backs are a great exercise for improving posture and rotation in…
  • Push Ups
    A Push Up is an ancient exercise used in calisthenics and for…
  • Plank Rotations
    Plank Rotations are a fabulous training exercise for golf because of the…
  • Plank Knee to Elbow
    The Plank Knee to Elbow is a dynamic form of the plank.…
  • Overhead Squat
    The Overhead Squat is a functional exercise which helps you in a…
  • Open Books
    Open Books are a great exercise for building trunk and shoulder range…
  • Lunge
    The Lunge is a great exercise for the lower body. It can…
  • Low Trunk Rotation with Kettlebell
    The Low Trunk Rotation exercise with the kettlebell works on the upper…
  • Iron Cross
    An Iron Cross is a great all over body exercise to help…
  • Hamstring Toes Up/Toes Down Stretch
    The Hamstring Toes Up/ Toes Down Stretch targets the back of your…
  • Hamstring Curls on Swiss Ball
    Hamstring Curls on the Swiss Ball is an exercise that also brings…
  • 1/2 Kneel Rotations
    1/2 Kneel Rotations are a great rotational training exercise. The foundation of…
  • 1/2 Kneel Lift
    The 1/2 Kneel Lift is a dynamic movement exercise that is great…
  • 1/2 Kneel Hip Flexor Stretch
    1/2 Kneel Hip Flexor Stretches are obviously a stretch that targets your…
  • 1/2 Kneel Chop
    The 1/2 Kneel Chop is a dynamic movement exercise that is great…
  • Hack Squats
    Hack Squats are a very quadricep dominant movement. They work on posture…
  • Golf Stance Thoracic Rotation
    The Golf Stance Thoracic Rotation is a fantastic pre game warmup exercise.…
  • Front Step Up
    The Front Step Up is a unilateral exercise to build strength in…
  • Front Squats
    Front Squats are a variant of the traditional squat exercise, but the…
  • Front Raises
    Front Raises are a shoulder exercise that work primarily your shoulder muscles,…
  • Fire Hydrants
    Fire Hydrants are a core strength and stability exercise that works on…
  • Dynamic Hamstring Stretch
    Dynamic stretches simply mean stretches performed in motion rather than standing still.…
  • Declined Push Up
    A Decline Push Up like a regular push up is used for…
  • Deadlifts at the Wall
    Deadlifts are a perfect exercise for strengthening your lower back muscles, your…
  • Band Chest Press
    The Band Chest Press is similar to a push up, but it…
  • Cat and Camel
    For golfers looking for flexibility and stability especially in their core and…
  • Bridge Heels on Chair
    The Bridge with Heels on Chair exercise primarily works your glutes, but…
  • Birddog
    Birddogs despite their silly name are one of the most popular exercises…
  • Bent Over Flyes
    Bent Over Flyes help increase your shoulder and upper back strength. This…
  • Band Walking
    Band Walking is a great exercise for stabilizing the hip and knee…

Fitness Tips

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  • Loss of Posture is a Big Problem

    A loss of posture in the golf swing can cause a host of errors. You can see fat shots, thin shots, toed shots, heeled shots and more if your posture changes during the golf swing. This is almost always due to physical issues. A couple of the causes are the inability to create separation between your upper and lower body and lack of flexibility and strength in your glute muscles and your legs. To combat this make sure to get in a good fitness routine targeting your legs, glutes and core muscles that not only includes strengthening, but also stretching.

  • A Quality Program Protects Your Back

    About half of all golfers suffer back pain. I would bet if you are reading this and aren't one of them you've at least had a time or two where your back felt stiff or tight, especially if you are over the age of 30. To combat and prevent back pain it is important to maintain a good workout routine that includes strength training, stretching and stability exercises. Be sure to target not just your back muscles, but the muscles that support your back as well such as your abdominals, obliques, glutes, leg and hip muscles.

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