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The idea for was developed after Shawn Schulze was seeking answers for his golf game and had a lesson with Maria Palozola, a leading golf instructor in the Midwest. Shawn mentioned to Maria that he has been involved in online marketing for over a decade and his company, AffAction, LLC. always wanted to enter the golf industry. Maria shared that she was looking for a way to build an online presence to help students all over the world improve their golf game. After a few months of ironing out the details, the concept of was created. is a unique combination of online golf instruction with interactive analysis and feedback. Not only does have an extensive collection of written and video lessons, tips and drills to improve your game, what sets us apart is the individual interaction you receive from one of the leading golf teachers in the world, Maria Palozola. In addition, has developed cutting edge tools to help you plan and practice effectively, track the scores and stats from the rounds of golf you play and work on specific aspects of your game to maximize your improvement.

Our goal is simple: Give you everything you need - from instruction, to personal coaching, to interactive tools - to improve YOUR golf game.

More Info

Maria Palozola

Co-Founder & Primary Instructor. Maria is one of the leading golf instructors in the world and is the primary instructor for all students.

Jay Delsing

Guest Contributor. Jay Delsing is a PGA Tour Veteran who has over 500 PGA Tour Starts as well as 2 Nationwide Tour (now Tour) Wins.

Jeff Pelizzaro

Guest Contributor. Jeff is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified Level 2 Fitness Instructor and a Level 1 Certified Plane Truth Golf instructor.

Shawn Schulze

Co-Founder. Shawn has over a decade of experience in online marketing. His golf game is a work in progress, but getting better since he started listening to Maria.

Matthew Kolb

Partner. Matt has been building great things online since high school. If he ends up golfing like he can code, watch out Tour!

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Who is Maria Palozola?
- Top 50 LPGA Instructors in the World
- A Golf Digest Top 10 Teacher in Illinois
- A Golf Magazine Top Teacher in the Midwest
- More about Maria
- Golf Questions
Golf instruction made simple
Golf Overview
Overall Game
- Getting Started
- Equipment
- Golf Fitness
- Junior Golf
- Mental Game
- Practice
- Rules of Golf
Short Game
- Bunkers
- Chipping
- Pitching
- Putting
Full Swing
- Pre-Swing Fundamentals
- Shot Making
- Diagnosing Problems
- Driving
- Hybrids and Woods
- Irons
Playing Golf
Ball Striking
- Fitness (78)
- Course Management (82)
- Getting Started in Golf (75)
- Practice (66)
Course Management
- Club Selection (66)
- Equipment (107)
- Driving (68)
- Putting (127)
- Golf Rules (69)
Short Game
- Bump and Run (72)
- Chipping (82)
Ball Striking
- Chunking (79)
- Distance Control (86)
- Fat Shots (92)
- Flipping (48)
- Poor Accuracy (118)
- Slicing (48)
- Thin Shots (85)
- Topped Shots (52)
- Lack of Distance (108)
- Putting Accuracy (72)
Swing Plane
- Blocking (50)
- Inside Out (56)
- Outside In (59)
- Over the Top (49)
- Pulling (54)
- Pushing (66)
- Releasing Early (47)
The Swing
- Grip (65)
- Alignment (55)
- Balance (50)
- Ball Position (80)
- Posture (77)
- Setup (117)
Swing Plane
- Backswing (84)
- Controlling Trajectory (47)
- Divot (48)
- Downswing (67)
- Impact (103)
- On Plane (85)
- Path (84)
- Power (71)
- Shaft Plane (63)
- Swing Plane (112)
- Weight Shift (79)