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Hi Maria,
I just signed up for your site and I am excited to explore through all the features that are included. I am at a crossroads with the clubs I am using and was looking for some advice. I am currently 30 and just getting back into golf after a 10 year lay-off from the game. Throughout high school and college I was a 6 Handicap from the back tees and played a set of Mizuno T-Zoid True's (Forged Muscle-backs). Ten years ago I was very consistent with my Mizuno's when I was playing twice a week and hitting the range on off days. Now, I am lucky to get out twice a month and to the range once a week and just not finding the consistency with ball striking I once had hitting a muscle-back/blade type iron (now 12-15 handicap). I recently acquired an old set of King Cobra II Oversize irons and took them to the range and then played 18 with them twice and shot 77 and 78 effortlessly on a 74.1 rating course. I have played cavity back irons in the past a few rounds here and there and always played well with them. Do you think this is a no brainer that should swallow my pride with Muscle-back clubs after all these years and move to a cavity back iron? And if so, do you think I should look into getting newer irons vs. using these Cobras from the 90's. Thanks for your feedback.
--Douglas C. from Fayetteville, NC

Hi Douglas. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping you with your game.

It sure sounds like a no brainer doesn't it? It is common sense that a bigger cavity back is going to enlarge your sweet spot and minimize your misses. There is nothing wrong with cavity backs and as you know several tour players use them or progressive type sets.

I would use whatever you are getting the best results with. As you play more and more and we get your game and swing back in shape, you may then in the future give the blades a try. At that point you may like the look and feel of them better.

As for the clubs being outdated I wouldn't worry about that too much either. Huge strides were made in drivers about every 5 years or so during the last 30 years. Not too much has been done with iron heads as there only so much you can do, but strides have been made in shaft technology that's for sure. So I don't know that you will see a huge difference in various heads, but you may find a shaft out there that is better for your swing.

I hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions.


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