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Bunker Lessons

  • Adjusting For Sand Texture

    Most golfers, even if they are creatures of habit and never venture away from their home course, need to learn to hit from varying sand texture. At some point the sand will get wet, making it more firm than it usually is when… continue reading

  • Adjusting For Slope in the Sand

    If you are like most golfers when you get in the sand the main thing you are thinking about is just getting the ball out of the bunker. The second thing you are probably thinking about is getting it to land somewhere (anywhere)… continue reading

  • Buried Ball or Fried Egg

    It could be one of the most feared shots in the game of golf. A ball buried in the bunker. Now everything has a degree of difficulty and this is no simple shot, but knowing what to do can make things so much easier on you. Speaking… continue reading

  • Clearing the Lip in Bunkers

    Face to Face With the Lip of a Bunker There is sometimes nothing more intimidating on the golf course than staring straight into a deep lip on a bunker. It kind of makes you feel a bit for those PGA Tour pros that face extreme… continue reading

  • Controlling Distance in the Sand

    There are many factors that can influence how far your ball flies out of the sand. Some of these include: club face position, foot depth, length of your swing, speed of your swing, texture of the sand and your set up. This… continue reading

  • Fairway Bunkers

    Good question..."Are they different?" Do I really need to be writing an article on how to hit out of a fairway bunker? Well according to the number of questions I get on the lesson tee and the number of searches that there… continue reading

  • Greenside Bunker Play

    As I stated in my main article on bunkers, the word trap is not in the rules of golf. The governing body of golf, the USGA, calls them bunkers. Many feel trapped though, as they really have no idea how to get the ball out! Are… continue reading

  • Hitting From Under the Lip of a Bunker

    Most of you reading this article are not in love with bunker shots. The majority of you fear them and a small minority of you may be o.k. with them simply because you know you can usually get them out. Very few of you however,… continue reading

  • Open the Clubface in Bunkers

    The Front Edge Digs While the Back Edge Skids The purpose of the design of a sand wedge is obvious by it's name. It's to get the ball out of bunker with ease. What makes the design of a sand wedge unique is the bounce that's built into the clubhead. The bounce is simply the back edge of the club. Think of this as the "skidder" edge. When you turn the clubface over and and look… continue reading

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