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Chipping Out of Deep Rough
How to Get the Ball to Stop

Chipping out of thick rough can be challengingChip Out of Deep Rough Effectively

Growing up in the Midwest, a buried lie in the rough just off the green was a shot I had to contend with. The tough part isn't getting the ball out, it's getting it to stop. If your home course is in the desert or even in the south, it's a shot you might not get the pleasure of encountering too often. I don't think that I really had it mastered until I played in the LPGA Keebler Classic. The course had very long rough around the greens and the greens were super fast. I just couldn't seem to get the ball to stop.

I decided to spend some time at the practice green observing some of the tour players and quickly noticed that they were using a lot more of the rough to their advantage. The problem with rough is that it's hard to see down into it and know what you are dealing with. It requires a lot of guesswork as to what lies under the ball and how the ball will come out. The good news though, is you can use the rough just like you use the sand to help kill the shot. Although the rough will help shorten the flight, unfortunately no matter what you do, you will not be able to spin the ball. With long grass getting in between your club face and the ball, plan on a lot of roll. The key is to set yourself up so that you will hit an inch or two of rough and help kill the shot.

The Situation:

Your ball has landed in deep rough around the green. The green is fast and you need to find a way to get the ball to stop.

The Solution:

Plan for the ball to roll a lot so pick a good landing spot with that in mind. Use a sand wedge as it is heavy which will help you hit down into the rough. It also has the most bounce so it will help to cut through the rough and prevent getting stuck. Open the face to utilize more bounce and get the ball to launch higher. Most will recommend that you play the ball middle or back of your stance to catch the ball first and make a descending blow. I actually recommend that you play the ball forward towards your front foot. This will ensure that you will hit behind the ball. Lean your weight left. This will cause the descending blow. Pick the club up quickly by hinging your wrists and follow through low to the ground. Make sure to hole on firm as long grass will grab the hosel and try to rotate your club face shut as you swing through it. Let the length of your backswing control the distance.

Maria Palozola

Maria Palozola is a member of the LPGA and has participated in multiple LPGA Tour events. She has provided instruction to thousands of students in the past 20+ years and has won multiple teaching awards from the LPGA, Golf Digest, and Golf Magazine including being ranked as one of the top 50 female instructors in the world.

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