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Chipping Lessons

  • Chip it Tight With an Intermediate Target

    You've got this. You figured your yardage, selected the perfect club, lined it up and you are zoning in on that pin. You are concentrating so hard and have taken all the proper steps that there's no way you are not going to… continue reading

  • Chipping Out of Deep Rough

    Growing up in the Midwest, a buried lie in the rough just off the green was a shot I had to contend with. The tough part isn't getting the ball out, it's getting it to stop. If your home course is in the desert or even in the south,… continue reading

  • Choosing a Ball Position When Chipping

    Ball Position is Your Preference With just about anything you attempt in life there are laws, principles and preferences. In golf we call these the "Ball Flight Laws". Laws are unchanging and pretty much determined by… continue reading

  • Club Selection From Just Off the Green

    Decisions, Decision, Decisions So many options, so little time. When you find yourself 150 yards out from the pin and in the middle of the fairway, you don't really have a lot of big decisions to make. You know it's 150 yards,… continue reading

  • Club Selection When Chipping

    Use all 14 If you've seen the golf comedy Tin Cup you know all too well that the entire game can be played with a 7 iron. Realistically, the entire game could be played with any one club if you think about it. Certain shots however,… continue reading

  • Know Your Options Around the Green

    "Go To" Shots are Good, but Stay Creative To be a phenomenal player around the greens you need to be creative as much as you need to have good skills. Too many players in my opinion get caught up in mechanics and hit only a few… continue reading

  • Stop the Flip!

    Learn Impact First and Work Backwards In your very first clinic or private lesson did your instructor talk about impact? Did they describe what it looked like and where your hands and club should be when you strike the ball?… continue reading

  • The Bump and Run

    When you say "chip shot", the majority of golfers envision the Bump and Run. It is by far the most commonly used chip shot in the game. It is nothing fancy, but it is oh so useful! A Bump and Run is basically your traditional… continue reading

  • The Hinge and Hold

    I call this shot the "tweener" because it is pretty much caught in between a pitch and a chip. Is it a lofted chip? Is it a low lofted pitch? You can decide. The Hinge and Hold is the perfect shot for that 20-40 yard range when… continue reading

  • The Putt - Chip

    We have all been taught to putt the ball as a first choice whenever you can. It just makes sense. It has the highest percentage for success and is much easier to control than a chip shot. Most people will tell you that even an… continue reading

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