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Question on Chipping:

Which club and how should I use it from 45ft off the green?
--Carole R. from Fort Myers, FL

Hi Carole. Thanks for writing

Without seeing you it's hard to say for sure why your chip shots go to the right, but I can give you some of the common causes. Also, remember if you sign on as a premium student you can actually send me your swing to review along with the question.

Let's first define a chip shot. A chip is a short shot used around the green. It is most typically a low running type shot. Most people will use a chip from 20 yards or in to the green and when they have some room for the ball to roll a bit.

The most common cause I see of a chip going to the right is a player swinging too much from inside to outside. Typically they are getting the golf club behind themselves too much on the takeaway and as a result bring it back on the same line and attack the ball too much from an inside path (swinging to the right of the target for a right handed player). This pushes the ball out to the right of their target line. To correct this you can lay a club in front of your back toe and extend it backwards away from the target and parallel to the target line. Simply try to keep your club head outside this line as you swing back and through.

As a side note, make sure to keep your weight balanced over your front foot. (Including your head). This not only keeps you from hitting fat and thin shots if you lean back through impact, but it also helps prevent your club from swinging too far inside/out.

A second cause could easily be an open clubface. In most cases the player actually opens the face up too much on the takeaway and fails to get it back to square by impact. To check this simply try to keep your clubface pointed at the ball on the takeaway. You may also try hitting a few shots by aggressively rolling your arms over through impact and trying to get the ball to go left.

I hope this helps! Please start entering your scores in our free Game Tracker and log your practice sessions in the Practice Planner so we can help you better achieve your goals.


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