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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

What are the best drills to stop casting outside in . Any devices or swing aids ?
--David T. from Orlando, FL

Hi David. Thanks for writing.

There are many, many drills you can try to help prevent an outside/in swing path. It's always just a matter of finding which drill works best for a particular student.

When you are swinging outside in you are usually starting your downswing with your shoulders or arms. Your upper body over takes your lower body and spins out. When this happens the club is thrown outside your swing plane (over the top) and you approach the ball from outside the target line (thus the term outside/in). If your clubface remains open, you will see the ball start left of your target line or straight, but then slice back to the right. If you happen to get your clubface closed, the ball will be pulled to the left. Your clubface position is generally determined by your grip position and your forearm rotation through impact.

The first thing I want you to check and be aware of is your lower body action. Make sure you initiate the downswing with the lower body by shifting your weight towards your front foot and allowing your hips to start opening before your upper body opens (hopefully you have the flexibility to do so).

Next, the most common and easiest drill for making sure you swing down on plane to the inside of the ball is to use a swing plane pole. These are the driveway poles that you see at your local hardware store. Simply place it outside the toe of your club and on the same plane as the club you are hitting (start with a 7 iron or less) and then stake it into the ground about a foot back down the target line. Having that pole there is a good visual aid as you can see it out of the corner of your eye and will want to avoid it on the downswing. It's also a great physical aid because if you do come over the top you will hit it and know right away you made a mistake.

Check out this article too as it will help explain swing plane to you:

Swing Plane: Shaft Plane:

I hope it helps!


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