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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

I will not finish my swing. I stop after impact. The same thing happens with my driver. It seems like my point of impact is behind the ball. I hit the ground first loosing distance. I'm not making pure contact with the ball. Is it my ball position?
--Bob R. from Woodstock, GA

Hi Bob. Thanks for writing

Well it seems you have self diagnosed your main problem as not finishing your swing. That would obviously cause both fat and thin shots. Sometimes it will also cause you to pull the ball, but even more often results in a block.

You asked if it is your ball position. That is a very good question as it has been my experience that when students come out to the lesson tee with the ball positioned way too far back in their stance, they are lazy about shifting their weight. Basically the back ball position can encourage you to hang back. When you play the ball forward of the center of your stance however, you have to make an effort to shift your weight and go after it. I recommend for all my students that they play PW-5 iron about a ball forward of the center of their stance. This way they are trapping all their irons at the same point in the arc adding consistency.

The fairway woods are then played 2 balls forward of center and the driver about 3 or better yet at the front armpit.

Without seeing your swing I can't diagnose for sure if it is ball position that's the problem. Note that as a Pro Member if you upgrade, you can send your swing in for analysis.

Work with your ball position for a while and then try these drills:

Chase the Ball Drill
Front Foot Only Drill
Stepping Drill

They can be found on this page here:

They will all help you to shift your weight and finish. Give them a try and let me know how it goes.


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