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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

Need help fixing a slice. Thanks.
--Richard C. from Frankfort, KS

Hi Richard. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping you with your game.

A true slice occurs when the ball starts to the left of your target and then curves back to the right. It is often confused with a push or block, but both of those will start off to the right of your target.

A slice comes from a clubhead that is traveling outside/in in relation to your target line coupled with an open face. This is most often caused by coming over the top of your swing plane with your shoulders at the start of the downswing although it can of course be caused by poor alignment and casting or releasing early.

The first thing and easiest thing to check is your grip as we want to make sure you aren't playing with a weak grip that could be keeping your clubface open. Check to make sure that the Vs that form between your forefinger and thumb of each hand are aligned parallel to each other and are both pointing somewhere between your right ear and your right shoulder. If your grip is solid and you are aligned square to your target (and your shoulders are not open) then we need to get you working on some swing plane drills to get your golf club down to the inside of the ball.

I'm going to send you a couple free drill videos here to get started on. Give them a try for a week or so and see if you don't start to see some improvement.
Swing Plane Poles Drill:
Swing Plane Poles Drill

Dropping Drill :
Dropping Drill

Please let me know how your progress goes.


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