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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

I am working on getting onto my right side and initiating the down swing with a bump or press with the right hip and knee. Do you have any good drills to assist with this?
--Jay N. from Marlton, NJ

Hi Jay. Thanks for writing

I'm excited to get to help you improve your game. I am assuming here that you are right handed as I'm not sure I see that on your profile.

I like the part about getting into your right side on the backswing. As far as the downsing goes it is far more common for good players to feel their left side pulling. Whether it's a clearing of the left hip, a pull with the left lat, or pulling the left shoulder out from under the chin, there are a lot of left side triggers to start the downswing.

There are players of course who use a right side trigger and this is fine, especially if it works for you. I would only caution that you don't drive the right knee or hip towards the ball or towards the target too much causing your upper body to dip back (reverse c finish). Most quality ball strikers I see keep their right foot planted on short irons and only lift the heel a bit on longer clubs. This provides balance, stability and allows the lower body to slow so that the energy can then transfer into the upper body. To see the correct kinematic sequence of the downswing check out this drill:

Kinematic Sequence Drill:
Kinematic Sequence Drill

Check that out, give it a try and let me know how it goes or if you have any other questions here.

As far as shifting your weight goes and getting off your back side, try these drills here:

Stepping Drill:
Stepping Drill

Chase the Ball Drill:
Chase the Ball Drill

Impact Point Drill:
Impact Point Drill

I hope they help.



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