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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

I'm not getting the distance from any of my clubs. Im having trouble shifting my weight from back foot to front foot.
--Stines M. from Walterboro, SC

Hi Stines. Thanks for writing

It sounds like you know one of the causes of your lack of distance; you are not shifting your weight to your front foot. I'd like to explore that with you today and offer some suggestions on some drills you may try to help correct that swing error. I would also like to know more details from you though, so I can offer a more thorough program. Are your shots different than they used to be? Are you hitting the ball thin or fat? Are you spinning it left or right? Do you hit it too high?If you can provide those answers I can help you more accurately.

As far as weight shift goes it is very important to move our weight to our back foot and then forward onto our front foot. This needs to be done the correct way though with a pivot as opposed to a slide. If you get a good coil on your backswing and have loaded up your weight correctly with some tension in your core, the unwinding and weight transfer into your downswing becomes somewhat automatic. So the first thing I would check is the coil on your backswing. Make sure that you are limiting your hip turn while maximizing your shoulder turn. Also, make sure you are turning your weight into the inside of your rear foot. It is important to keep the flex in this back leg and keep the weight on the inside so you have something to brace you and coil against.

Once you have established a good coil, you need to make sure that you are fully transferring 100% of your weight through the ball and onto the outside of your front foot.

If you aren't used to getting onto your front foot the first thing I want to do is get you used to the feel of having your weight on that foot at impact. Try this drill here to get that feel: Weight Forward Drill

Another great drill for feeling the weight transfer freely from front to back is this one here: Stepping Drill

Stines, even if you find yourself on your back foot at the finish of your swing, fake it and push yourself onto your front foot with your back foot on the tip toe. You need to keep reminding yourself where you want to be at the end of your swing and get used to the feel of it.

Give these things a try for a couple weeks and see if they help.

As always I recommend that you start plugging your scores into the Game Tracker and log your practice sessions into the practice planner so that I can more accurately help you with your game.


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