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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

I lack consistency with my iron play. I hit the ball fat sometimes and thin it at other times.
--Nuddy P. from Schenectady, NY

Hi Nuddy. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping with your game.

When you are striking the ball thin and fat it means that your angle of attack is inconsistent and the bottom point in your arc is varying from shot to shot. The ultimate goal is to of course get your club bottoming out at the same point in your arc on every swing and attacking the ball at the same angle with a square face.

The three factors in your swing that are most likely affecting your contact are:

1) Weight shift
2) Release
3) Swing path

If your weight is not getting through the shot correctly or is too much behind the ball at impact you will either bottom out too soon causing a fat shot or swing up on the ball and catch it thin.

If you release the golf club too soon on the downswing (casting) your club will hit the bottom point of it's arc behind the ball. The results of course will be either bottoming out behind the ball or swinging up to much and catching the ball thin.

Last, if you are swinging on too severe of an inside/out angle of attack, you will either drop kick the shot or thin it. The resulting directional error with this swing path is either a block if you leave the face open or a snap hook if you roll it shut.

If you know which of these 3 swing errors may be your issue, please feel free to submit another question and we can get started working it out of your swing. You might also want to submit your swing for analysis so that we can be sure.


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