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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

I recently had a lesson and I interpreted that at addressing the ball your right shoulder should be slightly lower at address. Do you agree as I am not sure this is helping me? I think I should be pretty much square at address. I know I need to work on my turn and power at contact.
--Joan M. from Port Orange, FL

Hi Joan. I'm assuming you are right handed.

Yes, your right shoulder should be lower at address. If you think about it, your right hand is lower on the grip so your right shoulder has to be lower. Unless of course you lean left to even them out.

It is very important to have your right shoulder and right hip lower than your left at address. Having that back side low enables you to turn it out of the way easier on the backswing without a sway and to come into the ball from an inside/out angel which is desired for straight shots, draws and maximum distance.

Having the back side lower is more pronounced with woods than irons. With irons you should feel that your weight is about 50/50 at address between your feet. With woods, especially the driver, you should feel that your weight is 60-70% on your back foot at address. Having the weight back and your right side low sets your upper body behind the ball. From here you can swing to the inside of the ball and also catch your drives on the up swing to achieve the best spin rates.


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