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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

How do I go about lowering the path that I take my club back? I am above the proper plane at the top of my backswing.
--Craig S. from Ballwin, MO

Hi Craig. Thanks for writing I'm excited to get to help you with your game.

That's a great question and one I get very infrequently as it's usually the other way around. Without seeing your swing of course I can only base my answer on what you think you are doing and if it's taking the club outside your plane then there could be several causes.

Perhaps the most common is letting the arms disconnect from the body. This is why you often see tour professionals warming up on the range with a headcover or towel under one or both of their armpits. If the arms stay connected, then they will come back on a nice arc as they follow the pivot of your shoulders. If however they disconnect then they will move up and away from your pivot on the backswing.

Another issue is picking the club up too quickly with an early wrist cock. For this issue you just need to learn the feel of dragging the club away with your shoulders and arms and not being so active with your hands. You can take a second ball and put it on the ground behind the ball you are hitting about 4 inches (be sure to place it a bit inside as well so it's on the arc) and practice knocking that ball back on your takeaway. That will keep your clubhead down on the ground.

Give those two things a try and see if they help. Let me know how it goes.



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