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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

Maria, I have backed off getting on the range. I believe I over did it and over exerted resulting in a sharp pain at the elbow. Mostly at the joint and specifically at the projecting bone. Using my thumb to press on an aerosol can is hurtful!!. Is this what they call the "golf" or " tennis" elbow? What caused it's during swing? How do I fix it?. These are lingering questions as I sit frustrated not being able to get on the range or course. Your thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks.
--Manhar P. from Fayetteville, NC

Hi Manhar. Thanks for writing Is it in your lead elbow? That's where it usually occurs and it definitely sounds like tennis elbow which would be pain on top of the elbow and forearm. Pain underneath is referred to as golfer's elbow and is less common.

Understand I am no doctor and do not give out medical advice, but I have had this before as do some of my students and it's always the same old advice, rest, ice and anti inflammatories. They also have supporting straps that wrap around your forearm that you can get at your local pharmacy. I would check with your doctor obviously before you take anything.

Several things can cause this including an early release of the club head in the downswing, hitting off of mats, hitting the ground too hard and behind the ball and over extending the elbow at any point in the swing.

I hope that helps and the best thing is to lay off a bit until it's better.


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