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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

Maria, what is a good drill to eliminate 'flipping' of the club in order to maintain the appropriate lag between the lead wrist and club shaft?
--Matt M. from Saint Louis, MO

Hi Matt. Thanks for writing in to

Before we get into drills and such there are two points I'd like you to consider and start working on to eliminate your flip.

First, it is difficult to both roll your wrists and forearms through the shot and flip. Basically, everything is happening so fast that you don't have time to do both. So being a left hander, your front wrist or right wrist is the one we want to stay flat with your forearm through impact to avoid a flip. I would have you work on rotating or supinating your right wrist keeping it flat with the forearm. With a good roll, there will be no flip.

Second, oftentimes people make the mistake of trying to hold off the release which is unfortunately what many of our drills are geared towards. The problem with that is it is difficult to just try to "hold it off" and the reason you are releasing early in the first place is because something else is stopping or slowing down. As each body part fires and then slows, the energy is transferred into the next part. So when your hips slow, the energy then goes to your shoulders and when they slow, then to your arms and hands. If your hands are flipping and firing first, then you are out of sequence and something is not firing. The energy has to go somewhere, so if you don't rotate your trunk, it will go to your hands. I suggest you work on your sequence for the next few weeks. Make sure you are firing hips, then shoulders, then arms, then hands and club. If you are moving in sequence, you won't flip.

Glad you are getting some practice in. Let me know how it goes.


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