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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

Hi Maria. I have noticed that when I am in a restricted backswing situation, I usually make good contact with surprising distance with an arms swing. On my normal irons and driver swings, I always feel that I am heaving at the ball. What can I do to stop swinging with my body, or with my body in the way? How can I get that free arms swing without any backswing or through swing restrictions. Thank you Maria.
--Herbert R. from Alameda, CA

Hi Herb. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping you with your game.

Most people do contact the ball more crisp with a shortened swing. The reason for this is that the swing is more compact and they work their body parts in the correct order. When the swing gets too long there are more moving parts and a better chance of getting off plane or into some awkward positions.

The proper sequence on the backswing is arms, shoulders and then hips. On the downswing it should be hips, shoulders and then arms. This allows us to maximize the transfer of energy from body part to body part and then into the ball. It is important to use all your body parts, but use them in the right order.

If you are feeling too much movement you might try putting headcovers under both arm pits and holding them in throughout the swing. This is super restrictive and not easy to do, but it helps to connect your arms with your body and allow you to use your trunk (your engine) to fire through the ball. This is the opposite of what you asked for (free swinging arms), but I think it might help you get that restricted backswing position that you say you do so well with. This is always a great drill for when things start to feel out of sync.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.


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