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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

Hi Maria,
I am 58 and only started golfing a little over a year ago. My main concern is hitting the ball consistently. Sometimes I hit fat and sometimes the opposite (thin). I have read and watched many videos of instruction on this, but it seems nothing helps. I am really confused. Please help if possible. Thanks
--Greg B. from Gastonia, NC

Hi Greg. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to working with you to lower your scores.

Fat and thin shots both come from issues with your release point and angle of attack. The club for some reason is bottoming out too soon and hitting behind the ball, or it's bottoming out in it's arc and then catching the ball on the up arc.

Common culprits are:

- hanging back or falling back with your weight through impact
- releasing the club too early
- too much of an inside/out swing

You may think about sending your swing in for analysis so we can be sure what's going on. In the meantime though I would focus first on your weight shift as it's the easiest to correct and to correct on your own.

The first thing I want you to try is to hit balls off of your front foot only. Just place your back foot up on the toe and in line with your front foot so you won't put any weight on it during the swing. This will help you feel what it's like to be over your front foot at impact and hitting down on the ball. If you find yourself falling back onto your back foot through the swing or after, this is an indication that you are backing up instead of moving through the shot. Go easy at first with soft 3/4 swings until you are able to find your balance.

I am also going to send you this drill for free to try to help get your weight through the shot better:
Step Through Drill:
Step Through Drill

You might also find some good tips in this article here:

The Chunk:

Give this a try and see if your weight transfer is the problem. If it isn't please write back and we can move on to the next issue.


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