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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

Hi Maria,

One to two times per round I hit drop kicks with my driver off the tee. The shots tend to be straight, but I do lose distance. By the way, I'm 52, I've been playing golf for 10 years, and my average drives are 220 - 270 ... Average about 240'ish.

--Kevin G. from Buckeye, AZ

Hi Kevin. Thanks for writing

Drop kicks are definitely a problem, especially off the tee and then do tend to get worse as the club gets longer. There are really 3 main causes:

1) Your weight is hanging back too much or you are falling back through the shot

2) You are coming too far from the inside

3) You are releasing the club too early.

Do you plan on sending your swing in soon for analysis? That would definitely allow me to determine which cause is yours. In the meantime practice keeping the club in front of your toe line on the backswing and downswing. If it is a plane issue and you are getting the club too far behind you and to the inside that will help solve that problem. Next, make sure that you are making a good weight transfer and ending up with 100% of your weight on your front foot. That means you should be able to pick up your back foot off the ground with no problems when your swing is finished.

The last thing I would do is delay your release until you feel like you are actually past the ball and out by your front leg. The later you release and the longer you keep your back wrist bent the more difficult it is to hit the shot fat.

Here are some drills that apply to everything I said above that I think may help. Give them a try and please let me know how it goes.

Kinematic Sequence Drill:
Kinematic Sequence Drill

Toe Line Drill:
Toe Line Drill

Double Pump Drill:
Double Pump Drill

Move the Angles Drill:
Move the Angles Drill



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