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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

Hi Maria,
Thanks for the opportunity to ask a question. The biggest challenge I have with my golf swing is keeping the clubface square at impact. I have a tendency to allow my hands and hips to sway forward in my downswing and leave the clubface open for a slice. It is particularly bad off the tee. Any drills or techniques to help me keep my hips still and square everything at impact? Thanks!

Alexandria, VA
--Grant P. from Alexandria, VA

Hi Grant. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to working with you.

It sounds like you definitely have a slide/block move in your downswing. While a little bit of hip slide in the downswing is o.k., that should quickly turn into rotation. If the slide continues, not only do we block/push shots off to the right, but we lose all that great rotational speed.

Therefore, I don't want you to think of keeping your hips "still" as you said in your question, but rather rotate them open faster in the downswing. The other key component is we need to make sure that your arms also get down in front of you quicker. If they lag behind which they probably were with your big hip slide, it's difficult to square the face.

The first thing I would actually like you to do is hit balls with your feet together. This way we eliminate the possibility of a slide and can focus on simply swing the arms down and past the body. Make sure that you are rolling your right arm over your left arm through impact so that the face gets back to square. I would actually recommend that you try to roll it closed fast enough that you hit some hooks. This will over correct the problem and get you away from blocking any shots. Once you have gotten used to getting your arms caught up and releasing the face, I'd like you to then work on your hips.

Drills are normally reserved for our Pro subscribers, but I'd like to grant you a couple free that will help with rotation:
Front Foot Out Drill:
Front Foot Out Drill

Ba Boom Hip Drill:
Ba Boom Hip Drill

Give this all a try and please report back with your progress.


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