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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

I scoop with my irons. Any suggestions?
--Matt S. from Gaithersburg, MD

Hi Matt. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping you improve your game.

Scooping occurs when the clubhead passes your hands before or through impact. When this happens you add loft and the ball simply rolls up the face of the club. It's not uncommon for a tour player who is keeping the club behind their hands to deloft their club up to two clubs (basically turning a 6 iron into a 4 iron). The average Joe however can do the opposite and add 2 clubs worth of loft (turn a 6 iron into an 8 iron. This breakdown of the wrists and releasing the club early is at the root of why professionals may hit the ball 3 and sometimes 4 clubs further than amateurs.

The goal is to get you to learn to lag the club behind your hands as long as possible during the downswing. When this happens you keep the angles you established at the top of the swing in your rear wrist and rear elbow and transport them down with your pivot. The result is a release of force and energy into the ball right at the moment of impact.

When the club remains behind your hands it is still descending and therefore you will take a divot after impact. When the clubhead catches up to your hands and passes your hands it is ascending. Therefore it is very difficult to take a divot.

I am going to send you a free video drill to get you working on maintaining those angles longer in your downswing. I recommend that you try this daily (about 50+ times a day) and report back in two weeks with your progress.

Move the Angles Drill:
Move the Angles Drill



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