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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

I keep slicing to the right. Can you help?
--Gilton M. from Cypress, TX

Hi Gilton. Thanks for writing

A true slice is caused by an outside in swing through impact often caused by a player coming over the top of the plane at the start of the downswing. For right handers the ball will start to the left of the target and then slice back to the right unless they are able to get the face closed to the target line and in that case the result is a pull hook.

A slice can be caused by many factors, but the root of it is that your shoulders and upper body are opening too quickly at the start of the downswing. This causes your arms to swing out away from your body and as a result you come in to the shot across the target line. You want to make sure to get the club started straight down on plane first and then turn to the target.

Try hitting balls keeping your back at the target as long as possible in the downswing. This will allow time for the club to drop down on plane before you start turning towards the target. Also, give these drills a try to help with your plane:

Elevate Your Front Foot Drill - this will keep your upper spine behind the ball and your rear side low allowing you to get your club to the inside

Swing Plane Poles Drill - for grooving a consistent on plane swing

Swing Under a String Drill- for getting your swing on plane on the takeaway and coming into the ball.

All the drills can be found here:

Gilton, give these a try and let me know how it goes. Also note that if you upgrade to a Pro Member you can send in your swing for analysis.



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