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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

I can't stop coming over the top. What can I do to start my lower body first?
--Damon L. from Slidell, LA

Hi Damon,

Thanks for your question. Coming over the top can be caused by many reasons and not initiating your lower body first in the downswing can definitely be one of them. It sounds like you know that's your issue so let's keep our focus on that for now.

As most feel their backswing is a progressive wind up in the order of club head, hands, arms, shoulders, core, hips and knees, your downswing should feel like it happens in the opposite order. The first thing I would have you focus on is your weight transfer and making sure it is getting to your front foot in time. If you put your focus on your weight, feet, knees and hips, hopefully your upper body will become reactive and not proactive (firing over the top).

There are several drills you can do to accomplish this but I would start with the "Stepping drill." Assuming you are right handed, swing to the top of your backswing and then step your left foot back against your right. Then step with your left towards the target and after you have planted it with your weight on it (making sure your weight is on it is critical) then swing your arms down.

You will find it's a bit difficult to coordinate at first with most golfers wanting to swing down with their arms and club before they have stepped and transferred their weight.

Try this out without a ball and then when you feel it's running smoothly, practice hitting balls with the drill. Let me know how it goes and if it helps. If it doesn't, we'll find another one that works. Also, check out the "Diagnosing Problems" section under instruction on the site for more useful drills.


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