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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

How do I stop my left arm and wrist from breaking down at impact?
--Thomas B. from Greensburg, PA

Hi Thomas. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping you with your game.

A breakdown at impact is probably one of the most common swing faults across the board for all players amateurs and pros alike and also one of the most difficult to fix. The question is - which other swing fault is causing it? So many things can cause a person to break down their front wrist at impact or flip the club past their hands and hit errant and weak golf shots. Among them are:

- casting the club from the top of the swing
- starting the downswing with the arms and hands as opposed to the lower body
- stopping the lower body pivot or rotation through impact
- trying to help the ball up into the air
- trying to hit at the ball as opposed to through it
- falling backwards

It's hard to say without seeing your swing which might be your cause, but we can certainly get you started on better contact by focusing on taking divots and achieving better alignment at impact with your body and club.

To hit down and take a divot means that you have to lag the club behind your hands and come through with a forward leaning clubshaft. The is the opposite of breaking down as you put it. This article here will help you understand how to start taking divots and how to take them at the right point in your swing (after impact).

Taking Divots:

Next, I want to make sure that you are clear on the difference between where you body and club are at address vs. impact, because they are two totally different positions. This article should help explain the difference between the two:

Impact: Getting To Perfect Impact:

Give these a try and see if your impact doesn't improve quickly. If not please feel free to write back with any questions or problems you are having.


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