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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

I suffer with blocking the driver. Any tips to practice?
--Carroll H. from Carlyle, IL

Hi Carroll. Thanks for the question.

Without seeing why you are blocking it is hard to say for sure what changes you should make, but I'm going to do my best to give you some ideas. You may want to consider sending a swing in for analysis.

A true block is when the club comes from too far inside/out. This means that your club is too far behind your body on the downswing and that your swing path is too far to the right of your target line (for right handed players).

It is important to keep your golf club in front of your body as much as possible throughout the swing to prevent getting it trapped behind you and blocking or pushing shots.

Here are a couple things you could try:

1) Lay a golf club along your toe line, but behind you (away from the target). Try keeping your clubhead in front of the toe line on the takeaway and again coming down into the ball.

2) As a substitute for #1, place a plastic range basket on your toe line, but a couple feet back and try to keep your club head in front of it on the takeaway and downswing.

3) To do this a bit in reverse, use a plane pole, or driveway pole or even the range basket and place it outside the toe of your club and a few feet forward. This will prevent you from swinging the club too far out to the right on your follow through. Your follow through will become more around your body and on plane which should help prevent the block.

Note that sometimes a block or a push may actually just be an open clubface at address. Again, without seeing your swing, it's hard to say, but you could try to strengthen your grip or even to roll your arms over a little faster through impact. Either of those changes will help you square your clubface faster.

I hope this helps. For more help you might check out the full swing and diagnosing problems category on the site. If you haven't already I suggest you start logging your scores in the free score tracker and set up your practice planner so we can better help you lower your scores.



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