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Question on Diagnosing Problems:

My swing seems rather mechanical and consistency is an issue. With all my clubs, I can have a swing that is absolutely pure and hit a beautiful straight shot. Then I my hit my next shot and its a whiff. What can I do to maintain consistency and relax over the ball?
--Rachelle L. from Flower Mound, TX

Hi Rachelle. Thanks for writing

If you are pure some of the time, then at least we know you are doing A LOT correctly in your swing. The fact that you go from that to a total miss could be from tension as you say, but it could also be from lack of practice or mental game flaws.

First, how often do you practice? If you say every day or at least 3-4 times a week then we could rule that out as a cause.

Staying consistent and relaxed over the ball has to do with a good physical and mental routine. Make absolute sure that your pre-shot routine remains the same for all clubs, all shots, from day to day and course to course. When this starts to vary or become inconsistent so does your mind and your timing.

A common routine is taking couple practice swings, then stepping back to line it up from down the line, then approaching the ball with a couple waggles, followed by a couple looks a the target and then pulling the trigger. Try to adopt a similar routine or copy your favorite tour player. Staying in the routine and adding some waggles can help you to relieve tension. Also, common among good players is a big decompressing breath right before they take the club back. Give out a big exhale to relieve tension and thoughts before you pull the trigger.

Rachelle, try focusing on routine and breathing for a couple weeks and let me know if it helps.



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