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Question on Driving:

My contact with my woods and driver are bad. The shot is mostly a fade or a low liner.
--David M. from Largo, FL

Hi David,

Thanks for submitting your questions. It sounds like you draw your irons and hit those pretty well, but have trouble with woods and often lose them to the right. I'm assuming you are right handed so I will give some suggestions from that point of view.

First of all, don't feel alone. The vast majority of golfers have more control with and do better with irons. This is for the simple fact that they are A) shorter and B) have more loft. Anything shorter is easier to control and with more loft you get more backspin which cuts down on side spin. Less side spin means straighter results even on your misses.

Because the shaft is longer on a wood and driver it is more difficult to square the face which is why most players miss their longer clubs to the right. With shorter shafted hosel heavy irons its not as difficult to get the face back to square.

Because you say you also hit them low I would venture to guess you are actually coming too far from the inside. This would create a block or a push where the ball would start right off the club face. Sometimes they would start right and then curve even further right if the face is open as well.

To better help you with your problem could you answer a few questions for me?

1) Does the ball start straight or to the right with your woods.

2) Does it hold it's line or does it then curve more to the right?

3) Do your irons start straight or to the right and then draw to the left or do they go left right off the clubface like a pull?

If you can answer the questions above, I will be able to send over some good suggestions on what you can start working on over the winter.

Stay tuned as well for online swing analysis which is coming very soon.



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