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Question on Driving:

My driver has become very unpredictable as far as fade or draw. What can I do to to develop consistency?
--Trevor M. from Greensboro, NC

Hi Trevor. Thanks for writing

I'll give you the obvious answer first...practice more! I'm not being smart here, but I do find that most of my students don't practice their driver enough or the right way. If you are struggling with it when you go to the range try hitting an entire bucket each time with just the driver. It's surprising how much it does for your strength, balance and hand/eye coordination with this long club.

Also, make sure that you are practicing realistically. If you are able to get out on the course when no one is around and practice with an actual fairway that would be idea. If not, make sure when you are using it on the range that you aren't just hitting blindly out to such a wide target as the whole range. Form a fairway in your mind with some of the targets on the range picking specifically where you want the ball to start and where you want it to end up.

Now that I've got my coach's lecture out of my system let's explore if there are problems in your technique. I will add first here that as a Premium Student for only $19.99/month you could send me your swing for a more accurate diagnosis. Without seeing it though, I just need a little more description from you. A fade and a draw are actually two different swing paths so I'm thinking you may have meant pull, push, slice or hook. Please tell me where your ball starts off the clubface and where it ends up. Knowing the initial flight and the added curve will help us establish a course for correction.

I look forward to helping Trevor and please complete your profile especially the right handed/left handed part so I can better help.


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