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Question on Driving:

Hi. Can you give me any tips on how to stop my arms from folding in my back swing? My hands end up close to my head.
--Ian S. from Rio Grande, OH

Hi Ian. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping you improve.

When you set up to the ball your wrists are a specific distance from the center of your chest (your swing center) and you do need to make sure that that distance remains the same throughout the golf swing until the finish. Obviously if your arms are collapsing and your arc is becoming narrow rather than wide, you will lose club head speed and suffer a loss of distance.

The other big issue is once they come in they have to go back out to where they started in order to make contact with the ball. As you can imagine some players don't get them back out in time and top the ball, whereas others may cast them out further and hit a chunk.

Another challenge is when the arms start to extend back out. Often times this is at the start of the downswing where we don't really want early acceleration. When we accelerate early at the start of the downswing we run out of gas so to speak by time we get to the ball.

The culprit is most often the right or rear arm. When you pull your right arm in, it pulls the left arm right in with it. Many players think they are breaking down withe their left arm, when in fact they are actually pulling in with the right arm. To correct this make sure that you feel like you aren't bending your right arm at all in the backswing. Trust me, it will bend, but the feeling you need to have is that you are keeping it extended and swinging back and out rather than up. Keep your forearm pointed back not up to the sky.

Drills are for Pro subscribers, but I'm going to give you this one for free so that you can see this in action:

Swing Extension Drill:
Swing Extension Drill

I hope this helps an if you have any other questions just let me know.


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