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Question on Driving:

I'm not able to hit the ball as high as I'd like off the tee. I have a low shot trajectory with my driver off the tee. What are some things I can do with my swing to raise my trajectory on my drives?

--Dennis C. from Glen Carbon, IL

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the question. First of all, I will state the obvious and that is to have your driver checked. Nearly all of the big golf stores have launch monitors now a days and you may also be able to find them at some of your local courses. Before you tinker too much with your swing, you need to make sure that the loft on the club, shaft flex, kick point, etc. are all suited for your swing, swing speed, strength, angle of attack, etc.. Once you are sure that the driver is a good fit, then there are a few things you should check.

1) Make sure your ball position is correct. The ideal ball position for a driver is further forward than a lot of players think. You need to ensure that you are striking the ball with and upward angle when using a low lofted driver to help it launch properly. For this reason I recommend that you play the ball lined up with your front arm pit. I don't base it on the inside of your front foot as some players have an excessively wide stance and that can position the ball way too far forward.

2) Check your weight. At address your weight should be 60-70 percent on your back foot. It is important to have your upper spine and head tilted back a bit. As you unwind and transition into the shot, make sure that your head initially stays back. It's easy to let your head or upper spine lunge forward and the result is a smother with a low trajectory.

3) Last, we need to check your swing plane/angle of attack. Believe it or not you can hit low shots by being too flat or shallow with your swing plane, but you can also hit low smothered shots by coming down too steeply on the ball. A good question here would be: Where do your shots go? Do they slice? Pull? Block? Start as a push and then hook? If you can report back on the direction, I will be able to more accurately help you.

Stay tuned for online swing analysis which we are launching really soon. I always recommend as well that if you aren't already, start putting your scores in the game tracker and log your practice sessions in the practice planner.


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