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Question on Driving:

I'm trying to hit my drives on the up. But I tend to move my head and body towards the target which just kills my drives. How do I stay behind the ball to hit my drive on the upswing?
--Tony L. from Los Angeles, CA

Hi Tony. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping you with your game.

You are correct in trying to catch your balls on the upswing. Research shows that by coming into the shot with a 5 degree rise vs. a flat approach can mean a difference of 30 yards.

One of the things we do to help facilitate this is play the ball forward in our stance so that we will catch it on the up arc. Make sure that you are playing the ball off of your front armpit. Any further out than that can actually cause you to top the ball too much.

Another adjustment we make at address is placing a bit more weight on our rear foot and tilting our upper spine back to the right away from the target. Setting your head and upper spine behind the ball to begin with will help you to keep them there throughout the swing.

One of my favorite drills to help you feel how to stay back is to make some practice swings and hit some balls off of your rear foot only. Simply take your normal set up and then pull your front foot back behind you and place it up on the toe so you can't put weight on it. If you try to lunge or slide forward, you will lose your balance and fall because the front foot is not there to catch you.

Give that drill and those pre-swing check points a go and let me know how you do. Thanks!


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