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Question on Driving:

Hi Maria - thanks in advance for your time. I am fortunate to get a drive of 240 - 250 yards. I hit my better drives (draws or straight) at the beginning of the game, then start to push or fade/slice near the end of the game. I feel that my "old sway" and a tendency to "stand up" and top the or smother the ball hurts me sometimes. My swing speed is low 90mph. I am 6' and have been athletic my whole life so I know I have the strength and ability to get it out there a little longer and a lot straighter.
Cheers, Shawn
--Shawn L. from Albuquerque, NM

Hi Shawn. Thanks for writing

I'm excited to get to help you improve your game. For starters always get custom fit for your driver if you haven't already. It's as simple as taking it into any golf superstore and getting on the launch monitor. We want to make sure that the shaft and the kick point are correct for your swing. We also want to make sure you are getting optimal launch angles and spin rates. It won't cost you anything and you never know, you might get some extra yardage and not have to fight things so much.

Next, let's start with weight transfer, acceleration and finish. It sounds like you wear out a bit as the round goes on so we want to make sure you are accelerating to a balanced finish on all shots. Even if you know it's not going to be a good hit, commit to it and finish with 100% of your weight on your front foot (the majority should be on the outside of your foot) and with a complete shoulder turn. Your right shoulder should be at the flag if you are flexible enough to get there. If you can commit to getting through the shot and accelerating all the way to the last tee box, I'm thinking you will see a difference. Here's two drills that may help you with acceleration and balance:

Whoosh Drill:
Whoosh Drill

Kinematic Sequence Drill:
Kinematic Sequence Drill

Give these a try and let me know how it goes.



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