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Question on Driving:

Hi Maria, I just got a new driver and it's a 13.5 loft. I am hitting the ball really high on the clubface. I have about a 80 MPH swing speed, h/c 11, and drive the ball around 190 yards. Why the high impact? I have lowered my tee height but still seem to hit it high on the face.
--Stacy B. from Bothell, WA

Hi Stacy. Thanks for writing

13.5 degrees is a lot of loft as many 3 woods are 13 degrees, but that would not really have much to do with where you are hitting the ball on the clubface. The 2 most common ways to hit the ball high on the face are either to tee the ball up too high or to hit down with too steep of an angle of attack.

Make sure that when you tee up your ball that half of the ball lies above the top edge of the clubface. Teeing it lower to make up for high hits or pop ups only backfires as that makes you strike down more steeply.

Without seeing your swing I can't say for sure why you would be swinging down too steep, but common culprits are set up, swing plane and release. Remember you can upgrade to Pro status and send your swing in for review any time you need to.

First start by making sure that the ball is positioned off of your front foot and your head is well behind the ball. This will help you to swing up on the ball. This article here will help you with your driver set up:

Positioning For Driving Success:

Once you are set up correctly make sure that you are lagging the club head behind your hands through impact and attacking the drive from an inside/out path. This means you will feel like you are swinging out to the right and attacking the ball from low to high.

I hope this all helps. Let me know how it goes.


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