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Question on Driving:

Maria how often do you think I should use my driver? What types of holes? (Only on par fives? Whenever the fairway is fairly wide? When the length of the hole is 400+ yards? As often as possible because I'm trying to score?)
--Eric S. from Mays Landing, NJ

Hi Eric. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping you improve your game.

The choice of whether or not to hit driver is based on a couple of things:

1) When is it necessary to hit driver?
2) How well do you hit your driver?

To say only hit your driver on par 5s would not make much sense as there are thousands of par 4s around the world that are too long for golfers to reach in regulation if they don't use their driver. With that, even though the fairways may be narrow, driver may still be necessary to reach the green. This is a decision that is based on each individual's game and their personal goals. Some golfers might not be worried about making par, but rather just want to keep the ball in play. So depending on the player's skill level, that is a choice they would need to make. I always teach my students to only hit it when they need to. If you can reach the green in regulation by using a fairway wood off of the tee...why would you hit the driver?

The second part of this is how well you hit your driver. For some, it is actually their most comfortable club. Most of my career was like that. For others, it's the club they fear the most. If it is one you aren't comfortable with and it's going to cause you strokes, I'd leave it in the bag!

Here is an article you may enjoy that will help you pick good targets with your driver and narrow your focus for better drives.

Picking a Target During Your Pre Shot Routine:

I hope that helps and let me know if you have any questions.


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