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Question on Driving:

Maria, I seem to be starting my downswing with my hands causing an outside - in swing. Do you have any advise or mental thought to correct this? It just seems to happen when I'm on the course and not at the driving range. Thanks, Dave H
--Dave H. from Puyallup, WA

Hi David. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping you improve.

An over the top swing as you know can result in a pull hook or a slice depending on the club face position at impact.

There are many ways to come over the top, but usually in most cases it comes from the shoulders as opposed to from the hands. The inside swings the outside, kind of like the dog wags the tail, not the other way around. On occasion however I do see someone just throwing their arms and hands out from the top of the swing. In fact I just came across this recently in a private lesson.

The first thing to focus on is moving something else as opposed to moving your hands. That something else would be your lower body. If we can get your body firing in the correct kinematic sequence, you won't need your hands until the very last moment - impact. If your sequence gets out of sync however, your hands will fire too early. The correct sequence is hips, shoulders and then arms. Each body part accelerates and as it slows it transfers the energy to the next body part causing it to fire.

Normally drills are reserved for our Pro members, but I like to offer one or two for free to give you a good sample of the premium drill and lesson videos on the site. This one here explains the kinematic sequence in detail. I would work with this first and if you still seem to be having problems write back with more detail and I'd be glad to help.

Kinematic Sequence Drill:
Kinematic Sequence Drill



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