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Question on Driving:

I sometimes rush my downswing and am all arms instead of rotating my torso and shifting my weight to front foot. Do you have any tips that can help?
--Chris W. from Angola, NY

Hi Chris. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping you improve your game.

As you may know, lack of lower body shift towards the target is the main cause of coming over the top of the swing plane. This results in slices and pulls which are common misses.

It is important that we do unwind in the opposite order that we wound up in the backswing. The backswing started with the club, then hands, then arms, then shoulders, then hips and finally the left knee and ankle. Therefore the downswing should start with the left leg, then hips, then shoulders, then arms, etc.. This is what we call the kinematic sequence. Biofeedback shows that although different tour players have their own style, they all fire in the same sequence and create power the same way.

Broken down the hips are the big body part that fires first and then they slow transferring the energy into the shoulders, and as they slow they transfer to the arms and then club. This is the only sequence with which to maximize your power. I have a drill that explains this in detail and I will send this to you as a free drill:

Kinematic Sequence Drill:
Kinematic Sequence Drill

Beyond this there are many drills for getting your weight to shift to your front foot and for rotating the hips correctly in the downswing. Give this one a try first and see if it helps to explain how to get your lower body moving. Thanks for writing in and let me know if you have any other questions.


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