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Question on Driving:

I have a tendency to leave the club face open when I hit my driver, causing a block or a slice. What can I do to ensure I close the club face upon impact?

The first thing to do is check your grip. If you slice, you need to have at the very least a slightly strong grip. Although it could be just a temporary band aid, if you are on the course and slicing try to really crank your grip into a strong position and see if it helps. What needs to happen though, is a close assessment of your set up and swing to find the root cause of the slice. There are so many things that can cause one that it's hard to pinpoint it without seeing you.

Other than your grip, here are some things you can check: 1) Make sure to release your arms. You might be holding on to the club or just releasing it late. Try feeling like you are rolling your rear arm over your lead arm before you even get to impact. 2) Make sure you are hitting the ball from an inside angle of attack. You might think it's just an open face, but you could be slicing it with your path.

If you are swinging outside in and getting the club face to square, the ball will still spin right. Put a head cover or plastic water bottle outside your ball and a few inches back when you are at the range. Avoid hitting it to attack from the inside. 3) Check to make sure you are 100% on your front foot with your weight at the end of the swing. Blocks and pushes to the right with an open face are often the result of falling or hanging back.


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