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Equipment Lessons

  • Maintaining your Equipment

    For anyone that plays competitive sports, keeping their equipment in good shape is a must. Just as tennis players switch racquets when they break strings or baseball players put on a new batting glove when theirs rips or gets worn, golfers should also keep things fresh and in good working order. I'd have to say though that for the majority of students that come across… continue reading

  • No More Putter Divorces!

    You go into a golf store, pick up a putter that "feels" good, hit a few putts on a small putting green and like the way the putter swings and decide this putter is the one for you. Is this the best way to create a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with a putter? Your Putter Should Be Good To You From this day forward, start your new putter relationship with a… continue reading

  • Playing the Correct Club Length = Distance and Accuracy

    A member recently asked this excellent question: "For men less than 5 feet 7 inches tall, do you recommend playing with shorter clubs - especially woods - since they are so long? How can I gain control, but not lose distance?" There are two fundamental reasons to play with golf clubs - woods and irons - that are the right length for you: 1. First,… continue reading

  • Retrofitting Your Golf Clubs - How To Ensure Success!

    Perhaps you have recently purchased a set of golf clubs, but they have not been custom fit for you and they are not performing to your expectations. So you wonder - can your present golf clubs be "retrofitted" to fit you and provide the performance results you desire? Yes! Retrofitting your golf clubs to provide great results is possible, but to guarantee success,… continue reading

  • The True Custom Club Fitting Experience

    Anyone being "custom fit" for a set of golf clubs should have some expectations about what a superior club fitting experience will include. After all, you are investing serious time and money into your game. Whether or not they charge a fitting fee, a certified fitter is highly trained in the art of club fitting and ball flight analysis and should meet at the very… continue reading

  • Your First Set of Clubs

    When beginner students come to the lesson tee they often come without their own clubs. Some will show up with hand me downs from eons ago and others with one or two old clubs that a friend gave them to use. I often laugh at the old dinosaurs they present as I look at them thinking..."wow, there's no way even I could hit that club well". The technology has just come so far… continue reading

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- Shaft Plane (63)
- Swing Plane (112)
- Weight Shift (79)