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The True Custom Club Fitting Experience
What Should You Expect At A Fitting?

Learn what happens in a quality custom club fitting session. Do Your Clubs Fit YOU?

Anyone being "custom fit" for a set of golf clubs should have some expectations about what a superior club fitting experience will include. After all, you are investing serious time and money into your game. Whether or not they charge a fitting fee, a certified fitter is highly trained in the art of club fitting and ball flight analysis and should meet at the very least basic requriements.

Maintain High Expectations

Here are a few things the fitter should do when you are receiving a quality fitting...

  • Ask you to provide some profiling information about your clubs and your game - which clubs you hit well, which you do not, where do you hope you can improve your game.
  • Ask if you have any physical issues - back, wrist, etc. - that could influence your golf swing.
  • Ask you specifically about what you hope to accomplish during the fitting. He or she will tell you what his fitting process entails, and what he or she will need you to do during the fitting.
  • Collect some data on some of your key golf clubs - particularly the ones that are not performing well for you. Club length, swingweight, MOI (moment of inertia), flex, loft and lie and face angle for wood clubs at a minimum. It is important to know where you are starting from to get where you want to go.
  • Take video of your swing as part of the fitting process and do a thorough review of this video as an initial part of a fitting. He or she should have enough knowledge of the golf swing to identify easily fix swing issues. In some cases, he or she may suggest that the golfer take lessons before a truly effective fitting can be completed.
  • Have an ongoing dialogue with you during the fitting. This includes letting you see results of measurements made, and letting you know when possible improvements are being produced with different fitting clubs. He or she will also listen to you A Lot during the fitting - what clubs feel good, which are too heavy or light? Your input is a key part of a truly successful fitting.
  • Let you know the final specifications for the clubs that are being suggested to be built. He or she will be sure you agree with the results from the fitting. In some cases, particularly iron fittings, it may be necessary to build one or more test clubs for you to use before the final club specs are completed.

What Happens Next?

When your clubs arrive there are a few things that should be done:

  • The fitter will ask you for feedback on the performance of the clubs.
  • If they are not performing as you desire, he or she will modify them as necessary to get the results that you expect.
  • A few months after you have started playing the fitted clubs, the fitter will ask you for additional feedback on how they are performing.
  • Again, if there are any necessary modifications to the clubs needed, he or she will work with you to ensure that they play to your expectations.

A lot goes into a True Club Fitting Experience. Finally, you deserve to work with someone who will be as excited about your golf improvement as you will be when you are playing clubs that really fit YOU!!

The Situation:

You do not understand what should happen in a true custom club fitting.

The Solution:

Use this article as a resource or guide to understanding what a true club fitting should entail. When you go to someone to be fit for golf clubs, ask first what they do and how they do it - and be sure you like what you hear!

Tony Wright
Tony Wright

Game Improvement Golf and Tony Wright help golfers to optimize the performance of their golf clubs, hit more great golf shots and shoot lower scores. He has been recognized as one of the Top U.S. club fitters by Golf Digest in 2011 and 2013. Learn more about Tony Wright at

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