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Question on Equipment:

I got a driver that is 1 and 1/2 " longer than the last driver that I used. I can't seem to get a good rhythm in my swing. The driver feels much lighter than my old one. Should I set-up farther away to achieve maximum distance? Any suggestion(s) sure would help.
--Brad D. from Elbow Lake, MN

Hi Brad. Thanks for writing

Did you get fitted for the new driver or just purchase it off the rack? I ALWAYS recommend that every golfer get fitted for their clubs. There is such a difference in results depending on if your equipment fits your swing, size, etc.

For example, your new driver has a longer shaft, but is the club shaft lighter than your old one? You are dealing with a longer driver but sounds like one with a lighter shaft - have you been fitted so you know if you need a regular, stiff or extra-stiff shaft? This article touches on the benefits of customized equipment:

For example, if you have a fast swing speed and you need a stiff shaft, but you have a regular shaft flex, the club will bend more in your swing, causing inconsistency. As for the length of the club, an extra 1 and 1/2 inch is a pretty severe difference, when you add that extra length and a lighter shaft and possibly different shaft flex, it's going to be harder to control. Some players actually hit the ball farther with a shorter shaft simply because they are able to contact the sweet spot more often.

If you feel the length of the club is the issue, try choking down on it to give you a bit more control. But, you have added a few new variables (club length, club weight, and possible shaft flex) and if you didn't get fit for it, those might not be the right changes that fit your swing. If you did indeed get fit for it and that's what they said would work best, then you are going through an adjustment period from your old driver, in which case, practicing with it is the only way to get a feel.

I hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

Let me know if you were fitted or not, as that could answer many questions.


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