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Question on Equipment:

I am a D golfer, 70 years PLS, fairly athletic and having started 6 months ago..while my game is proving nicely and my shots are improving to a 27 index, I am puzzled about the ball to use. My swing speed is about 85 mph at present. My drives with a Titleist Pro V 1 given to me by a friends will ho out about 220 yards on a good contact with full finish, but a good friend says I do not swing hard enough to get good distance with the Pro V 1.
While I do not expect you to "endorse"a specific brand or ball. I would love a recommendation..
--Buddy'S J. from Arroyo Grande, CA

Hi Buddy. Thanks for writing

I have used the ProV1 in many tournaments and love it. I think your swing speed is probably O.K. for the ProV1, but not the ProV1X. There are so many great balls on the market that rather than searching brands, you just need to find the one that is right for your game and right for your pocket book.

A lot of it is experimenting and seeing which ball gives you the distance you like with the control around the green that you desire. Without seeing your swing or watching you play it is very difficult to give you a recommendation. I can say though that for the price, the Noodle seems to be a favorite among my students.

I tell my students to do two things:

1) Go to each manufacturer's website and read about the different balls. They will each tell you the one you should be playing based on your skills and needs.

2) If you have one close enough go to a golf megastore to get on their launch monitor and get a proper ball fitting.

Hope that helps!


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