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Question on Equipment:

My swing speed is 110. What golf ball should I use?
--Ciesta C. from Matteson, IL

Hi Ciesta. Thanks for writing in. Wow 110 with your driver for a female is really good! Without seeing your ball flight and knowing your overall game and your goals for distance/short game control etc., I can only give you some suggestions.

Be advised that most manufacturers now have online fitting charts and tests you can take to find out what the best ball for your game would be. So if you like a particular brand, I recommend checking out their sites or visiting your local golf store to see what their recommendations would be.

At your high club head speed typically we would recommend a good performance ball that is going to give you both distance off the tee, but good spin and control around the greens. In the old days we would say go for a 100 compression ball for swings over 100 mph. Now a days we would add in getting a performance ball with an urethane cover to get best results at your speed.

The best thing to do is to test balls out on a launch monitor and see which ones give you the best launch angles, distance and feel. If you don't have access to a launch monitor you will need to take a few out on the course and experiment.

For my game I am currently playing the Taylor Made TP3 and in the past have enjoyed the Titleist Pro V 1. Both balls give me great distance off the tee and control around the greens.

Best of luck an if you have any more questions please let let me know.


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