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Question on Equipment:

Thank you for your time.
I have always had an issue hitting off the tee due to a disease in my back. I am 5 ft. 9 and only weigh 135 lbs. So in short I have never been able to hit the ball very long at all. Most of the time when I get the driver in my hand, the large head I guess will mess with me mentally and I would hit it with a terrible fade (maybe 50 to 70 yds). I always did well with my woods though. My wife decided to surprise me with a trip to Golf Galaxy where I was testing drivers about three months ago. I was able to hit the ball about 180 yds. max. I expressed my issue to the salesman at which point he gave me a couple of options with low loft 3-woods. I settled on a cobra wood that adjusts to 13 degrees. I was striking it well (5 yd. fade, 240 yds) everytime. My question now is that because it is a smaller head and considered a wood, should I still try to learn how to hit a driver? Or do many people take the route that I do? Also, is that fair distance considering the loft and degrees of the chosen club? I was curious to get answers here for peace of mind since a couple older people I play with tell me that it was a very stupid decision.
--Trey D. from Louisville, KY

That distance is outstanding for the average dude even with a driver so I think you are good there! And yes, many tour players hit their 3 wood way more than a driver. The difference is only 12-15 yards in distance a lot of the time, but you sacrifice A LOT of control with the driver.


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