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Getting Started Lessons

  • Figuring Yardage to Various Pin Placements

    Ah...the good ole days. Look at a pin and hit it. Wasn't life simple? It seems now there is a scientific method and complex thought process to every thing we do. Were players of old more skilled as they had to rely on eyesight… continue reading

  • For Beginners

    Now that you've committed to learning the game and have acquired some equipment, how do you go about getting started? Golf is such an exciting journey to embark on, but it can be a bit overwhelming. There's equipment, rules, etiquette, technique, scoring, mental game, fitness, booking tee times and of course lots of learning! Certainly you want to be "ahead of… continue reading

  • Glossary

    continue reading

  • Hackers Handbook

    If you've seen the affect these 7 shots can have on the ball, you know they are definitely not what you want to have happen when you are out playing with the guys (or gals). Avoid the teasing and learn how to diagnose and how to fix a golf shank, fat shots, thin shots, hook shots, a golf slice, push shots, and pull shots. Check out the quick fixes from a Top 50 Instructor… continue reading

  • Handicap, Rating, and Slope

    What is a golf handicap? A golf handicap is a numerical measurement of your game over a recent period of time. It is much more than an average of strokes over/under par, but also considers the difficulty of the course, and furthermore, the difficulty of the tees your choose to play. Having a handicap allows you to measure yourself against other players. The… continue reading

  • Permission To Swing Your Swing

    Golf Swings do not win tournaments. People do. Furthermore there is no "perfect" swing for everyone. Whew, hoping that will be a relief to everyone who reads this column. LPGA Instruction = Focus on the Whole Person As an LPGA trained instructor, I am pleased to offer instruction that is very much student-centered. Our LPGA curriculum for teaching, learning,… continue reading

  • Selecting a Target on the Green

    You've figured out your yardage and selected your club, so now what? You know how far it is to the pin, but should the pin really be your target? Golf would be much more simple if all we had to do was tee off and aim for the pin on… continue reading

  • When to Choke Up or Club Down

    No Man's Land It's the last hole of the club championship. You have a 135 yard shot over water to the green. Your nerves are on edge because if you par you will probably win and a bogey will most likely put you in a playoff. The… continue reading

  • Why Golf?

    Many throughout centuries have revered the game of golf and called it the greatest game. I too believe it is the greatest. Golf has so many rewards to offer, but yet will test your character through and through. It has often been called "the game of a lifetime" or "a game for the ages". It is truly one that any age can play and play for life. It is also one that brings generations… continue reading

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- Getting Started
- Equipment
- Golf Fitness
- Junior Golf
- Mental Game
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- Pitching
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Playing Golf
Ball Striking
- Fitness (78)
- Course Management (82)
- Getting Started in Golf (75)
- Practice (66)
Course Management
- Club Selection (66)
- Equipment (107)
- Driving (68)
- Putting (127)
- Golf Rules (69)
Short Game
- Bump and Run (72)
- Chipping (82)
Ball Striking
- Chunking (79)
- Distance Control (86)
- Fat Shots (92)
- Flipping (48)
- Poor Accuracy (118)
- Slicing (48)
- Thin Shots (85)
- Topped Shots (52)
- Lack of Distance (108)
- Putting Accuracy (72)
Swing Plane
- Blocking (50)
- Inside Out (56)
- Outside In (59)
- Over the Top (49)
- Pulling (54)
- Pushing (66)
- Releasing Early (47)
The Swing
- Grip (65)
- Alignment (55)
- Balance (50)
- Ball Position (80)
- Posture (77)
- Setup (117)
Swing Plane
- Backswing (84)
- Controlling Trajectory (47)
- Divot (48)
- Downswing (67)
- Impact (103)
- On Plane (85)
- Path (84)
- Power (71)
- Shaft Plane (63)
- Swing Plane (112)
- Weight Shift (79)