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Question on Getting Started:


A parent of a top junior golfer in our area says that Lucy Li won her recent golf tournament at Half Moon Bay because it suited her strength, which he says is her short game. Is it true that a course can be setup for a particular strength of a golfer? What are your top tips for strengthening the short game for junior golfers?
--Ron D.

Hi Ron. Thanks for writing I'm looking forward to helping you.

Yes, it is true that different golf course designs and layouts suit different styles of players . You will often hear certain tour players say how they struggle at Augusta because it doesn't suit their game and you'll hear how some struggle at the British Open or US Open. A truly great player is of course going to be able to win multiple majors and championships on all different types of layouts.

Junior golfers have notoriously poor short games because they are constantly working on getting length to their full swing shots so that they can play standard length golf courses. The obvious answer to improve their short games is to put more time into practice around the greens than on their full swing. Also instruction from a qualified instructor who knows how to teach the short game is beneficial.

To spark their interest there are many points games and skills challenges you can play with them on and around the practice green. This gets them thinking competitively and gets them to narrow down their focus rather than randomly firing off shots without thinking too much about the affect of the outcome.

I hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions.


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